Report by : Fr.Melwyn Pinto
Photos by: Aaron Steve

In order to make progress spiritually and to prepare personally and as a family level to celebrate solemnly the Paschal Mysteries the Rector and Parish Priest Rev Fr. Alban D'Souza organized a three days full day retreat for the Parishioners of St.Lawrence Parish and Minor Basilica Attur Karkala from 4th to 6th March 2022. And this Retreat was preached by Yesu Sparsha Retreat Team headed by Fr. Franklin D'Souza, Bro. T.K.George,Sister. Manjula Joy and Bro. William. Around Three fifty people both parishioners as well as people from other parishes benefitted from this Spiritual renewal event. As this Retreat was held during the season of Lent.

The retreat preachers dealt apt topics based on the season of Lent in particular how to re-connect one's relationship back to God and Jesus and one's neighbour through Prayer, fasting and almsgiving, preachers also edified the hearts and minds of the retreants about the richness of Sacred Mysteries of Jesus that have a great deal of impact on our lives. On first day of retreat there was Way of the cross, Holy Eucharist, on the second day there was holy hour, Holy Eucharist and on the last day there was confessions, Holy hour and Holy Eucharist.

Overall all those who partook in this Spiritual activity expressed their appreciation towards the same. Rev. Fr. Alban at the end of retreat thanked everyone who worked, who contributed, who took part and made this retreat a success.

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