The western ghats on the East side, the blue and purple sky above dotted with small jungles….Karkala got its name from “Kari kal’ meaning black granite, which you can find all over. Abundant in the heritage past occupants of this little town has left behind; to the discerning eye, Karkala reflects its rich history.
The name Karkala is well renowned in most part of South India for two things.
1. More than two century old St. Lawrence Church at Attur.
2. The monolithic statue of Lord Bahubali (Gomateshwara) erected by a Jain king in 1432. In addition to this, the Chaturmukha temple, (temple with four analogous entrances doors) which is build of granite, the Ananthashayana Temple, Ramasamundram (a big natural lake which never does dry), about 25-acre Anekere Lake built by Pandyadeva than the Bhairasa King of Karkala in 1262. Two ancient caves build by Tippu Sultan in the ‘Parpale’ hill and many other historical places, which draw devotees and art lovers from all over.

Sculpture which has been practiced since centuries and which could have died, without the initiative taken by Sri Renjal Gopal Sharma who today, has left behind a flourishing tradition of the art of engraving. All the developments and changes have not affected the very important monuments that time. Karkala is still marked as a must see in the itinerary of tourist and devotees.

Agriculture was the main source of income for its people. But rising labour costs and steady decline in the market share for locally grown products, growing importance of formal education and awareness of the world and its opportunities through the media served in steadily pushing away the remains of the past and making way for education, health care and small industries.

How to reach Attur – Karkala:

Karkala is situated about 38 Kms. from Udipi, the district headquarters of Karkala Taluk and about 54 Kms from north east of Mangalore. There are numerous Express Bus Services from Udipi and Mangalore operated by authorized bus operators on regular intervals offering well-organized service. There are direct bus services from most of the major cities of Udipi and South Kanara district. The direct Luxury Bus Services are operated to Karkala from Mumbai and Bangalore daily. The Air route to Karkala is through Mangalore (Bajpe) Airport, which is about 45 Kms from Karkala. The train from Mumbai-Goa-Mangalore and Delhi-Madras-Mangalore are also available. The nearest and most well-located station is either Mangalore or Udipi and from there have to take regular bus service to Karkala. St. Lawrence Shrine is situated at foothill of Parpale Hill in a little village called Attur which is about 5 km west of Karkala Bus Stand. There are buses passing nearby Attur church; nevertheless the frequency is limited. Auto Rickshaws are available and usually charge return fare.







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