Report by: Helwyn Mathias
Photos by : Aaron Steve

On the occasion of the festival celebrating the descent of the holy of the Holy Spirit which is usually celebrated on the seventh sunday after Easter. There was a Night Vigil held at St. Lawrence minor basilica Attur on June 4th, 2022 from 8.00 pm to 6.00 am.

There were three priests and a Brother who led the prayer and a total of 500 people were present in this holy ceremony.
Fr. Marcel Pinto preached about repentance. It’s conclusion was that repentance will get us God’s forgiveness.
Fr. Bonaventure mainly focused on his personal life giving us testimony of how he overcame the evil powers through prayers and lastly found himself at grace and mercy of God.

Br. Elias Coelho and his team encouraged every one for their active participation through action songs and hymns.
Lastly Fr. Alban Dsouza, rector of St. Lawrence Minor Basilica Attur led the Jericho prayer along with the holy sacrament procession.

This whole event ended at 6.00 am with the holy mass. This concluded the 10 hour night vigil.

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