Pics by: Lionel Ajay Noronha

The "Way of the Cross” proceedings on Sunday 10th April was conducted by Fr Marcel pinto, with faithful gathered in large numbers, and the choir in attendance.

The ceremony began with an opening prayer by Rev. Fr. Paul Rego, Parish priest of Karkal Town in the presence of Fr. Alban Dsouza, Rector of St. Lawrence Basilica, Fr. Roman Mascharenhas, Fr. Melwin Pinto, Fr. Paul Cutinho and Fr. Vijith.

The stations of the cross were placed on the way to the parpale hill while the final stations were on top of the hill. A group of artists portrayed the way of cross and more than 800 people attended this ceremony.

Once the way of the cross was concluded, Fr. Marcel Pinto gave the message of the way of the cross to the people gathered for the ceremony.








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