Below are glimpse of some of the Miracles that are reported by the devotees of St Lawrence:

Cured without Operations:

I am from Surathkal. I was suffering from long and was advised by my doctor to undergo an operation, after having failed to be cured through the long medication. I was terribly afraid of the operation. I prayed to the Lord through the powerful intercession of St. Lawrence. I am pleased to inform you that I am restored to perfect health without operation. I have personally visited the Shrine to offer my thanksgiving to the Lord for the favours received through the powerful intercession of St. Lawrence.

-A Aficionado from Surathkal.

A dying Child well again:

A mother who visited the Shrine has following information to share with the parish priest: Her sickly, dying child was on her last stage. She kept all hope on Lord and prayed “Powerful St. Lawrence, my child is on the death bed. The doctors have given up all hopes. I believe in your powerful intercession. Let my dying child be restored to health….” Her incessant prayer was answered by the Lord. She visited the Shrine with the child, offered her gift to the Lord in thanks giving for the gift of life that her child received, glorified the Lord for the marvels He worked in the child and honoured the Saint for his intercession.

Testimony of a Hindu Brother:

I was suffering acutely with the lungs illness. I was on the bedridden in one of the hospitals in Bombay. I was dismissed from the firm where I was working labeling me as an unfit to work. I was desperate. One of my Catholic helpers from Mangalore narrated to me about the wonder worker St. Lawrence in Attur – Karkala Shrine. I prayed fervently. I am happy to share that I am totally healed. I was taken back to the job, where I was working earlier. The two X-rays of my lungs showed that all the holes in the lungs had been totally disappeared. The doctors were shocked to see the x-ray, which showed the lungs in perfect shape. I believe from my heart that this miracle has been granted to me by the Lord through the intercession of St. Lawrence. This wonderful Saint has worked wonders in my life. May the Lord be praised.

-Name suppressed.

>Testimony of Couple:

A couple had visited the shrine. They were in deep prayers before the statue of St. Lawrence. After a long time that they spent in prayer, they visited the parish priest. They poured out their hearts to him. They had married a few years back and were without a child. After two years, this couple returned again to the priest with a little baby boy playing on their lap. Through this child they offered the thanksgiving offering. This was the couple who had prayed on their knees before St. Lawrence statue and pleaded for his intercession for the gift of the child. The Lord had been gracious to them. May the Lord be praised.

Miracle cure of Eye diseases:

I am 70 years old lady suffering from acute eye pain. My eye had some infection, swollen and seemed as if there was puss discharge from there. My son was very much concerned about my fate and the suffering I was going through. My son visited the shrine and prayed ardently to the Lord, through the wonder worker St. Lawrence. He believed that St. Lawrence would obtain the favour for him and cure me of my eye pain. While he returned, he perceived that my eyes were perfectly all right. I hadn’t any blemish at all. Immediately he attributed that this was a miracle. St. Lawrence to whom he had recoursed in his prayers had been the powerful instrument to obtain the graces from the loving Father. This has strengthened our faith. It is true that everyone who pleads to the assistance of St. Lawrence they are never failed. Their faith is strengthened in the Lord.

-Name not disclosed

Gift of a Child:

Rev Father,
Request you to please make an announcement in thanksgiving to St. Lawrence for favours received.
I got married in Dec 1995 in Bombay at the age of 29. I did not conceive for 1½ years and I got scared. I came to Mangalore to visit my in-laws in Kundapure and so visited the St. Lawrence Church and prayed to St. Lawrence for a gift of a child. And immediately after 3 months I conceived. I delivered a baby girl who is now 3 years old. But when my baby was 2 years old I again went to Mangalore to specially visit the St. Lawrence Church in thanks given for the favours received and after returned to Bombay the very next month I conceived again and I delivered a baby boy. I thank St. Lawrence for the gift of two beautiful children.
-C.D’S, Mumbai.

Miracles Recovery:

Dear Father,
I am writing this letter to you from Bangalore. I had come to St. Lawrence Church last year to thank him for his mighty blessing on me and upon my loving family. My beloved mother had promised if I was totally healed, she would take me to Attur Church.

My family members had been praying for my recovery. My sickness was strange one, without cure and the cause was unknown. I was able to accept it because of the prayers. My plate-lets dropped to 5,000 (normal is 1,30,000) I was not responding to any drugs for more than 40 days in St. John’s Medical College without any improvement. I also had S.L.E. (one type of blood cancer) and I was posted for operation to remove my spleen. It was a risky operation; but in my condition, I was ready for anything.

Mean time my mother was praying for me. I firmly believe that she has received the fruit of her prayers. She brought me here to Saint Lawrence who works wonders in the life of everyone. It was there (in the Church) I was able to kneel. I felt like electric shock passing all over my body. When I visited the shrine, my body was swollen and I was in pain. I could not walk nor sit. After returning I felt very light. I could move about without much pain. I believe St. Lawrence has touched me with his loving gentle touch. May Jesus be praised forever. I pray that we may increase our faith by sharing this experience with others.

Now for the last 3 years I have no problems. All my medical reports show that I am fine. My blood count is 2,40,000. Even the S.L.E. report shows as negative. Everything is OK with me. At present I am able to live a normal life. Praise the Lord.

May 2002

-Sr. Gretta Fernandes. Bangalore.

Baby after Ten Years:

Though ten years had passed after our marriage, we did not have a baby. In May 2002, we paid a visit to St Lawrence Shrine Attur and prayed fervently. On December 5th 2003 we became the parents of a baby boy. Thanks to St Lawrence.

Mr Wilson & Mrs Vinith, Mumbai

Suitable Job:

Though I was a computer operator and an educated person, I could not get a suitable job for many years. I prayed fervently through the powerful intercession of St Lawrence I got a good job in Qatar. I am happy there.

- Brian, Qatar

The Baby was saved:

Her small baby was on the death bed. All were counting the moments. But her mother prayed fervently through St Lawrence. Here prayers were heard. Later she came to Attur with the very baby to thank the Saint.

- A witness by the Parish Priest.

Malignant Pain in the Leg was cured:

I work in an Italian Company. While I was on duty on Fork-lift, accidentally my leg got seriously damaged. Since I was under plaster for more than one month without any cure, I returned to India. One Thursday I attended the Novena at St Lawrence Shrine, Attur and visited the miraculous statue and then made the sign of the cross on my leg with the Holy oil of St Lawrence. Later I went to the miraculous pond and made the sign of the cross on my infected leg with the water and returned home. In the evening after our evening prayer, I felt something moving on my affected leg. I struck my leg to the ground. And behold the pain I was suffering, suddenly disappeared. I was unable to walk barefoot until then, but now I can. I believe that my leg got cured by the intercession of St Lawrence.

 - Mr Felix Pereira, Italy

Blessed with Motherhood:

From the beginning of our married life we had been longing for a child. We were disappointed because even after three years of our marriage there was no sign of pregnancy. We approached the physician and he testified that we were normal. We came to Mangalore from Mumbai to our relative’s house and from there we paid a visit to St Lawrence Shrine at Attur and with tears we expressed our desire to him. Within three months I became pregnant and we became the parent of a lovely child.

-Smt Clotty D’Souza, Mumbai

The Hole in the lungs disappeared:

I am a Hindu by religion. I had to resign from my work in Mumbai on medical ground as I had a hole in my lungs. The doctors said nothing could be done to correct my condition. A Christian friend of mine told me to go to the Shrine of St Lawrence Attur and offer my petition with devotion, confidence and faith. I did so. After a couple of days two X-rays were taken and it was found that there was no trace of any hole in my lungs.

-a Hindu Devotee – Mumbai.

Vision was Rectified:

I am a Hindu devotee. I had to go through unbearable, agonizing pain in my eyes. I was seventy years old. Due to burning sensation and discharge from the eyes, my life became dark. My son visited the Holy Shrine at Attur, prayed for me and for my eye sight. It was a miracle, that my eye sight was restored when he returned to Mumbai.

-A Hindu Devotee.

Health Restored:

The husband of my friend underwent a major operation and was in the I.C.U. My friend requested every person she met to pray for the restoration of her husband’s good health. Being a devotee of St Lawrence, I prayed for his intercession fervently. She sent her intention to be prayed for during the Novena and the Annual Feast of the Shrine. By the power of our united prayers and by the powerful intercession of St Lawrence, miraculously he obtained a complete cure and has restored to good health within a short period of time.

-a devotee of St Lawrence.

St Lawrence leads my Way:

I was born in a poor family. We were six children. We were left orphaned, as both our parents died at a very early age. We were without a shelter. Our grandparents brought us up. I had no one to communicate my sad state of affairs, my pain and my infirmities, joys and sorrows. I place my trust and confidence in St Lawrence and offered my entire self to him. At the age of seventeen in 1980, I completed my SSLC and went to Mumbai in search of a job. I suffered there, but I tried to go to gulf country from there. I secured a job in the gulf in 1983 and was working there until 2003. I bought a house at Mumbai as well as a house and land near Parapu, on the way to Nakre. St Lawrence inspired me to be generous to the poor, to help them to build their own houses and give donation to erect places of worship. I have deep faith in the powerful intercession of St Lawrence. I make it a point to attend the Novena on Thursdays and participate in the annual feast. I live happily with my wife and two children. St Lawrence shows me the way. After living happily for three years with my family, the company at Muscat has again requested me to join them. Again I have landed in the gulf. I have named my house and compound as “Gift of St Lawrence”. My family members live a contended life. Thanks to St Lawrence.

-Lawrence D’Souza, Nakre

Good source of water:

I bought a piece of land near Karkala Rotary Hospital. I invited two expert geologists from Manipal to locate a point for an open or bore well. But they declared that there was no source of water anywhere in my plot. I placed my trust and confidence in the powerful intercession of St Lawrence and vowed that if I get a source of water in my land, I would name my apartment as St Lawrence Apartment. I located a place and dug a well. To everybody’s surprise, we got plenty of water in that open well. It was possible for me to construct my St Lawrence Apartment. I am ever grateful to St Lawrence.

-Louis Gomes, Karkala.

Notice to devotees:
Devotees if you have any favours received information you want to share with other devotees you may send them either by mail or email to Shrine address.



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