Completed Projects

  1. Excavating of Mud in the right side of the Church to give better space and facilities to all the devotees who come here. More than 2 lakhs sq. ft. space is provided by shifting the mud to the School Valley.
  2. A separate New Link Road is constructed so that the congestion and traffic jam during the festive celebration may be avoided. This road starts from St. Lawrence Convent, Attur moves through Purpale to Doopadakatte.
  3. Miracles Pond is totally renovated so that the devotees could very easily go down to the pond to touch the holy water.
  4. The School Valley which could not have been utilized at all is converted into a beautiful School Ground. Presently 600 meter. track can be sustained in that School Ground.
  5.  The Thursday mid-day meal hall is converted into Church Office, Parish Priest Office and other related offices for the administrative purposes of the church. So that the devotees could have a very access to the Parish Priest or the Rector or any Priest residing in the parochial house for spiritual needs and guidance.
  6. The Church Stall is also accommodated in that spacious hall, people can move inside the stall and pick the articles as they want.
  7. Parochial residence which was in the left – back side of the church has been shifted by constructing 2 more floors to the Thursday midday meal hall. And the Parish Priest residence is placed in those floors.
  8. C.C. Cameras are installed in the Shrine Premises.
  9. Completely new Sound System and Mixer is installed in the Church for the Choir and liturgy purposes.



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